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Discover how these therapy programs can help you recover or manage and improve your severe chronic illness.


Our occupational therapy program is designed to help patients regain their functional independence, and ability to perform daily activities, even in the face of chronic illness and chronic pain. With our therapists’ guidance, patients learn to successfully navigate everyday tasks such getting dressed, bathing, feeding and home management.


Our physical therapy program helps patients and residents regain muscle strength, range of motion, balance, and more. These improvements help our patients and residents live a better life and are less focused on daily tasks and more focused on recovering from a specific injury or surgery. Combined with our excellent skilled nursing care, our physical therapy program follows the lead of your medical team to help you reach specific physical goals including improving your movement, strength, and balance.


Speech therapy is an important program to our residents and patients who have suffered a stroke, heart attack; have undergone treatment for specific forms of cancer; or are recovering from surgery. Our speech therapy program can help you correct speech issues caused by injuries and illnesses and our patient-focused speech therapists will help you learn to express yourself once again.

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