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We offer both general and more specific programs and therapies that most benefit those with chronic illness. We have 24-hour skilled nursing care, and a medical doctor on call after hours. Medical services such as antiretroviral therapy, IV therapy, and PEG/Tube feeding are particularly valuable for our patients. Our skilled nursing staff regularly monitor patient bloodwork and maintain an ongoing record of their CD4 and T-cell counts.


Substance abuse is a common issue in the HIV/AIDS community. If you have substance abuse in your past, it doesn’t have to be in your future. Join a compassionate and supportive community that has the skills and techniques needed to support people facing substance abuse issues.


In addition to monitoring and tracking bloodwork, we also carefully monitor and adjust medications as needed, which is critical in stabilizing our patient’s viral load, hopefully to the point that the HIV is no longer detectable.

Psychiatric/Psychological Therapy

Psychiatric/Psychological Therapy

Our specialized care for HIV/AIDS patients extends beyond medication and bloodwork. Our staff recognize the need to address psychological and substance abuse issues, too because we understand that mental health is a critical component of a person’s health.

There’s no doubt about it. Battling any chronic illness is a psychological challenge for patients as much as it is a physical challenge. We offer therapy services that can help every member of our community strengthen their mind, resolve old issues, and become healthier and happier.

Our case managers work with VIP services, an outstanding agency, to offer free mental health services to our patients and residents. We have individual and group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions. We also have a psychiatric nurse practitioner conduct regular assessments and address behavioral issues.

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