Highbridge Woodycrest Center is a proud member of the Highbridge Healthcare Group, which is dedicated to treating you like “one of the family.” Our mission is to stabilize and support our residents’ and patients’ medical and emotional well-being so that they can live their best life.

Subacute Care

Long-Term Care

HIV/Aids Care

Skilled Nursing



Our landmark building is as convenient and lovely on the inside as it is rich and historical on the outside. We have four floors of large, rooms for our patients and residents, including 90 beds. In addition to our therapy rooms we also have lounge areas for the community to enjoy, and a spacious dining room.

Outside, we have a beautiful patio with a dedicated outdoor smoking area as well as an oasis garden that is the focal part of our horticultural program. Enjoy this spot by yourself or join us for a community event in the sun and fresh air.

Our Amenities


Such a beautiful setting naturally attracts a strong and vibrant community. Our experienced, skilled RNs, LPNs and CNAs are available 24/7 to all patients and residents, whether you are staying with us for the long term or the short term.

We attract competent and dedicated staff who stay with us for the long term. As for residents and patients, we have a diverse and compassionate community with a mixture of people of all ages.


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Come see for yourself the impact we’re making in the lives of our patients and residents.


(718) 414-1750

Highbridge-Woodycrest Center, 936 Woodycrest Ave, Bronx, NY 10452

Highbridge-Woodycrest Center, 936 Woodycrest Ave, Bronx, NY 10452

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